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Getting Started with wro4j

Web Resource Optimizer for Java


Wro4j is a tool for analysis and optimization of web resources. It brings together almost all the modern web tools: JsHint, CssLint, JsMin, Google Closure compressor, YUI Compressor, UglifyJs, Dojo Shrinksafe, Css Variables Support, JSON Compression, Less, Sass, CoffeeScript and much more.

In order to get started with wro4j, you have to follow only 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Add WroFilter to web.xml

Step 2: Create wro.xml

Step 3: Use optimized resource

Liked it?

More detailed documentation about wro4j project is located on google code home page moved to: Github.

There you will find out about the wro4j design overview, other dozen of features and how to use wro4j as a maven plugin or from the command line using wro4j-runner utility. Also, you will be able to learn how to extend wro4j with custom features and other useful tricks.